Maine Information Sheet 2018

Mission Trip: Mission Trip to Maine! July 22-30th, 2018.

*** We are now seeking adults to come on this trip with us to help support and help care for our students. Please start to pray for the trip and pray about potentially being a student ministry team member with us to help serve our local, national, and international neighborhood.

 Purpose: Our mission for this week will be to partner with Free Grace Presbyterian Church and The Root Cellar in Lewiston (http://www.therootcellarlew.org/about_us). We will be helping and putting on a “Super Summer” which is essentially a summer camp for all of the children in the area (purple, white, black, Christian, Muslim, Catholic, Atheist). Please take a look at the website, pictures, videos, and social media sites to better equip and educate yourself on what next summer is going to look like. If there are any questions or concerns about this trip please, please, please, please, contact me! I know the thought of going to a Northern state where there is a larger per capita Muslim population may be nerve wracking, but please, contact me if there are any questions or concerns. And to help put minds to ease, safety and security will be a top priority for this trip at ALL times.

Location: Lewiston, Maine. The town of Lewiston is unique in that it has a population of 4,500-5,000, Congo, Angola, and Somali immigrants that have been there since 2001. There is a Bantu Tribe from Somalia, which for the most part, is a historically unreached people group to the gospel. Outside of Somalia they are the largest gathering of the Bantu in the world. Most of this immigrant population, like the original population, are business owners, active in community assimilation and outreach, and love their home in Maine that is not riddled with wars and evil unspeakable!

~Place of Work: The local Lewiston Community. I have attached an excerpt from one of the workers in Lewiston’s city hall giving a brief overview of the city. I have attached contact information for any of those who are worried about the trip for any reason of the Community Relations Coordinator.

Trevor:  So nice talking with you!  It’s exciting that a group from your church is coming to Lewiston to be of service.  As I assured you on the phone, we are a very peaceful community and lots of great things are going on here – arts, theatre, sports, great restaurants, super schools, four colleges, two major hospitals, historic preservation, etc.  Here are some pics that will hopefully enable your church members to feel more comfortable with the visit.  Also, here is our interactive web site – www.lewistonmaine.gov  At the bottom left, you’ll see a video series; the first four videos are Lewiston specific and will give you a flavor of the community.  You mentioned a church here; is it the Free Grace Presbyterian – if so, I know the pastor and one of their elders.  Great people!  Also, as I said we have an extremely low crime rate.   In addition—in regards to your concerns—I thought you’d like this link to a great CNN article about the Lewiston High School soccer team with many refugees who recently won a major championship.  http://www.cnn.com/2015/11/19/opinions/bass-immigrants-soccer-maine/   I’ve lived here my whole life and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!  Please let me know you received all these pics.  Thanks, Dottie”


Dottie Perham-Whittier

Community Relations Coordinator

City of Lewiston, Maine

(207) 513-3000, X3205

(207) 513-3007 (TTY/TDD)




~Housing: In order to keep costs down we will bring our own sleeping bags, pillows, and blankets and sleeping in Free Grace Presbyterian Church’s facility.

Agenda: The trip will consist of driving in a rented van for a two-day trip up to Maine, 4 days of serving, one day of worship, and a two-day trip back down. The purpose of the trip will be to help support our sister PCA churches in the North Eastern part of the United States. Pastor Per Almquist is the Sr. Pastor of Free Grace Presbyterian Church in Lewiston as well as two ruling elders who shepherd over the church. Per and the elders are currently bi-vocational, meaning, they have a job to support their families apart from being full-time pastors.

Cost:~Food: We will plan on spending about $10 per meal X 3 Meals= $30. $30 times 8 days = $240.

~Transportation: With 3 projected staff and 12 students we will rent a 15-passenger van for the week with a projected cost of $1,266.55 of van rental, insurance and fees, as well as an additional $300 in gasoline for the week… We will split $1,566.55 amongst 15 people for a projected cost of $104.43

~Needs: Bibles, Water, and Snacks will run about $70 per student.

~Miscellaneous: $50 for free day fun on Saturday.

~Plus whatever money the student chooses to spend on a souvenir; that is their call.

~The price will change nominally if we end up having to rent two vans, or if we need to rent a hotel for all of us on the hotel up.

Total Projected Cost $464.43-$564.43